About Our Department

The Washington University Department of Sociology strives to understand the origins and reproduction of social inequality, especially as it relates to issues of pressing public concern. Our particular areas of focus include race/ethnicity, gender, the sociology of work and the workplace, immigration, social movements, and economic inequality.


What Sets Sociology Apart?

After a long hiatus, the department was re-established in 2015. The undergraduate program is thriving with strong student interest and full major and minor opportunities. We look forward to initiating a PhD program in the next few years.

As Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Barbara Schaal has said: “Sociology is an essential academic discipline that investigates important issues of human social structure and function — issues that are at the heart of many national and global challenges. The new department will enhance our ability to educate our students and conduct world-class research in areas that are central to the critical social issues of our time."

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WUSTL Sociology

Rallying Point

Many of today’s most critical social challenges are addressed in the Department of Sociology. Read about the Department’s return to Arts & Sciences, what we do, and where we are going.

A Place of Belonging

In just a few years, students have come to think of the sociology department as a home, as their own special place at the university.

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Gender & Work Symposium 2018

In this interview at the 2018 Gender and Work Symposium, Adia Harvey Wingfield, Professor of Sociology at Washington University in St. Louis, shares about the history of the color line and the distinction between social progress and the ultimate goal: equity.

Getting Lost & Found in Peru

In this video feature, junior Mariel Ehrlich, who is double majoring in sociology and Latin American studies, talks about her time abroad in Lima, Peru and how studying Spanish has changed her perspective on what it means to be a global citizen.