2016-2017 Department of Sociology

Recent book by sociologist Mark Rank that examines the definition and viability of the American Dream in modern society. Click for a brief video about the book.

The New Department of Sociology.

Fall 2017, Thomas M. Shapiro will visit Washington University in St. Louis for a guest lecture. More details to follow.

Our Mission

The Washington University Department of Sociology strives to understand the origins and reproduction of social inequality, especially as it relates to issues of pressing public concern.  Our particular areas of focus include race/ethnicity, gender, the sociology of work and the workplace, immigration, social movements, and economic inequality.

The Department was re-established in 2015. In the 2016-17 academic year, our faculty has grown to include 6 tenured and tenure-track sociologists, 3 postdoctoral fellows, and the support of a number of other faculty members