Celebrating Our Alumna Alia Nahra

Alia Nahra

Our students are in the world making a difference! The Department of Sociology would like to give a warm congratulations to one of our recent Spring 2019 graduates Alia Nahra. Not only is she accomplishing great achievements, but also receiving accolades all over the world. Nahra has been recognized by the School for International Training for an exceptional piece of work that supports criminal justice reform. Bringing awareness to the field of criminal justice reform, Nahra has worked with other sociologists to conduct research on social conflict. Working with great sociologists and professors like David Cunningham and Geoff Ward within the Washington University St. Louis community, Nahra has completed interviews and research in other areas around St. Louis. Speaking with St. Louis Public Radio, she was also part of the Monumental Lab Research that took place in the summer of 2020. While she dedicates much her time and knowledge in and around St. Louis, her work does not stop there! Nahra is now leaving her mark in other places around the country, and we could not be more proud of her! With a special kudos to her past and a best of luck on her future, we celebrate the successes of all of our alumni!