Carrying the banner: Meet the 2022 student marshals

Carrying the banner: Meet the 2022 student marshals

At the university-wide Commencement ceremony on May 20, a handful of students will represent Arts & Sciences by carrying banners for the College and the Office of Graduate Studies. It’s an honor to be selected; each student marshal was chosen for their exemplary student career. Ahead of the big day, the ArtSci student marshals reflect on their journeys and share their favorite memories.


Adeli Hutton, MA '22
Concentration: Mathematics

What is one of your favorite memories from your time here?

One of my favorite memories from WashU is of co-teaching a course in the Mathematics Directed Reading Program with another graduate student on the mathematics of chip firing. It was a great experience to work together to design a special topics class in an area of math we were studying and excited about, and watching the undergraduate students grow throughout the semester and give presentations at the end was very fulfilling. 

Being a student at WashU has made me appreciate collaboration and the opportunity to be surrounded by an incredible academic community. From the superb faculty and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to the experts in the Center for Teaching and Learning, Writing Center, and Career Center, there have been so many people eager to share diverse knowledge, advice, and encouragement from whom I have learned so much.


Joshua Joffe, AB '22
Major: Political Science

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your time here?

Completing my senior honors thesis was definitely my most fulfilling accomplishment at WashU. I have always been interested in how the U.S. Senate operates and being a political science major here allowed me to work under one the most distinguished experts in the Senate, Professor Steven Smith. Professor Smith really pushed me to produce the best work possible, and he taught me so much about political methodology. Finishing my thesis on the Senate filibuster was the perfect culmination of all that I learned during my time at WashU.

When I first learned I was selected to be a student marshal, I had no idea what a student marshal was, or why I had been chosen. After talking with a few friends, the gravity of the honor really started to sink in. To me, being selected as a student marshal means being permanently accepted into the heart of the WashU community. Throughout my time at WashU, I always wondered if I was smart enough or talented enough to attend such a prestigious university. Being selected as a student marshal affirmed the fact that I do belong at WashU, and I hope my story can help other WashU students know they belong as well.


Ryan Gregory Roach, AB '22
Major: Mathematics

What is something WashU has taught you to appreciate?

In my time at WashU, and more generally in St. Louis, I have really been able to explore my interests in music. Over the past few years in St. Louis, I have experienced a breadth of musical styles through, for instance, performances hosted by the WashU music department, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, and DIY basement shows throughout greater St. Louis. Also, as a disc jockey at WashU’s student radio station, KWUR 90.3 FM, and a member of an indie rock band, I have been able to share my own musical tastes. Through these experiences, various courses at WashU, and classical guitar lessons in the music department, I learned to appreciate music in more meaningful ways. When listening, I now place greater value on studying and addressing the historical and/or cultural context of the music, and I focus more on the intentions of the artists and composers. I have really enjoyed being a member of the WashU musical community.


Patrick Cunha Silva, PhD '22
Concentration: Political Science

What is one of your favorite memories from your time here?

My favorite memories about my time at WashU are related to my cohort. We are a very united group. We have always made sure to help each other and not leave anyone behind. I remember the hours that we spent together at the office in Siegle Hall solving problem sets and giving each other feedback. Outside of work, our evenings at the Fox Theater and the several musicals that we watched were a blast. So were the birthday dinners in which we explored St Louis culinary scene. Really, all our traditions, from the song of the day to cookie day were very special to me. My cohort is the best. Because of them, I will always remember my time at WashU as a time of friendship and collaboration.

Our fifth student marshal, Nicole Yewon Shin, AB '22 majoring in music, was unavailable for comment for this story.