Research Mentorship & Collaboration with Students

One of the distinguishing features of our graduate program is intensive mentoring of all graduate students, beginning with faculty-student research collaborations from the very first semester of study. Based on our experience, the best way to learn how to do research is to do research. Our department community has a culture and track record of collaboration. All of our senior faculty have published journal articles written with (then) graduate students and/or postdoctoral mentees. Several of us are now writing papers with Washington University graduate and undergraduate students. All of our current graduate students are engaged in collaborative research projects with faculty that we expect will result in publications. Below, we provide just a small sample of some of our previous papers and presentations with graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral scholars (co-authors who were students or postdoctoral mentees during the collaboration indicated with *).

Select Publications & Presentations

Tim Bartley

Bartley, Tim, Matthew Soener*, and Carl Gershenson.  2019. “Power at a Distance:  Organizational Power Across Boundaries.” Sociology Compass 13:e12737.

Bartley, Tim, Dennis Hirsch, and Davon Norris*. 2018. “ Big Data, Small Governance?  Self-Regulation of Predictive Analytics in the Private Sector.”  Paper presented at the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics conference.

Bartley, Tim, Sebastian  Koos, Hiram  Samel*, Gustavo  Setrini* and Nik  Summers*. 2015.  Looking Behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer. Bloomington ; Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. 

Bartley, Tim and Curtis Child*. 2014. “Shaming the Corporation: The Social Production of Targets and the Anti-Sweatshop Movement." American Sociological Review 79(4): 653-79.

Bartley, Tim and Shawna N. Smith*. 2010. "Communities of Practice as Cause and Consequence of Transnational Governance: The Evolution of Social and Environmental Certification." Pp. 347-74 in Transnational Communities: Shaping Global Economic Governance, edited by M.-L. Djelic and S. Quack. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Caitlyn Collins

Landivar, Liana C, Leah Ruppanner, William Scarborough, Caitlyn Collins, Jake Sower*, Lloyd Rouse*, Mary Ntalianis*, et al. 2021. “Elementary School Operating Status.” OSF. April 7.

Ruppanner, Leah, Caitlyn Collins, Liana Christin Landivar, William J. Scarborough, and Xiao Tan*. 2021. COVID forced Australian fathers to do more at home, but at the same cost mothers have long endured.” The Conversation, February 11.

Ruppanner, Leah, Xiao Tan*, William Scarborough, Liana Christin Landivar, and Caitlyn Collins. Shifting Inequalities? Parents’ Sleep, Anxiety, and Calm during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia and the United States. Men and Masculinities 24(1): 181-188.

Bariola, Nino* and Caitlyn Collins. 2021. The Gendered Politics of Pandemic Relief: Labor and Family Policies in Denmark, Germany, and the United States During COVID-19.” American Behavioral Scientist. Online first.

Collins, Caitlyn and Elena Michelle Zimmerman*. 2019. “The Birth of the Motherhood Penalty: Pregnancy Disclosure at Work,” paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meetings, August. 

Collins, Caitlyn and Rachel Hellman*. 2019. “‘A Substitute for You’: The Moral Meanings of Domestic Outsourcing,” paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meetings, August.

David Cunningham

Simko, Christina, David Cunningham, and Nicole Fox*. 2020. “Contesting Commemorative Landscapes: Confederate Monuments and Trajectories of Change.” Social Problems 2020(00): 1-21.

Cunningham, David and *Ashley Rondini. 2017. “Legacies of Racial Contention: Implementing Mississippi’s Civil Rights/Human Rights Curriculum, 2006-2011.” Du Bois Review 14(1): 325-48. 

Cunningham, David and Rachel S. Madsen*. 2015. “What is the KKK a Case Of?: Extreme Cases as Analytic Device.” Sociology Compass 9(4): 299-308. 

Cunningham, David and Roberto Soto-Carrion*. 2015. “Infiltrators.” Pgs. 157-178 in Breaking Down the State: Protestors Engaged, edited by Jan Willem Duyvendak and James M. Jasper. Amsterdam University Press.

Cunningham, David, Colleen Nugent*, and Caitlin Slodden*. 2010. “The Durability of Collective Memory: Reconciling the ‘Greensboro Massacre.’” Social Forces 88(4): 1517-42. 

Michael Esposito

Graetz, Nick*, Courtney Boen, and Michael H. Esposito. Forthcoming. " Structural Racism and Quantitative Causal inference: A Life-Course Mediation Framework for Decomposing Racial Health Disparities." Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 

Finlay, Jessica, Michael Esposito, Mao Li*, Natalie Colabianchi, Huajun Zhou*, Suzanne Judd, and Philippa Clarke. 2021. "Neighborhood active aging infrastructure and cognitive function: A mixed-methods study of older Americans." Preventative Medicine 150: 106669.

Hicken, Margaret T., Lewis Miles*, Solome Haile*, and Michael Esposito. 2021. "Linking History to Contemporary State-Sanctioned Slow Violence through Cultural and Structural Racism." The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 694(1): 48-58.

Steve Fazzari

Fazzari, Steven M. and Needler, Ella. 2021. “US Employment Inequality in the Great Recession and the COVID-19 Pandemic,” European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, 18(2): 223-39.

Cynamon, Barry Z*. and Steven M. Fazzari. 2017. “Household Income, Demand, and Saving: Deriving Macro Data with Micro Data Concepts.” Review of Income and Wealth 63(1): 53-69.

Cynamon, Barry Z*. and Steven M. Fazzari. 2016. “Inequality, the Great Recession, and Slow Recovery.” Cambridge Journal of Economics 40: 373-401.

Cynamon, Barry Z*. and Steven M. Fazzari. 2015. “Rising Inequality, Demand, and Growth in the US Economy.” European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies 12: 170-82.

Cynamon, Barry Z*. And Steven M. Fazzari. 2008. “Household Debt in the Consumer Age: Source of Growth—Risk of Collapse.” Capitalism and Society 3(2): 1-30.

Cynthia Feliciano

Bidwell, Cilka* and Cynthia Feliciano. 2021. “Limits to Panethnicity? Intra-racial Boundaries and Dating Preferences among Asian and Latino College Students,” presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting (virtual), August 2021.

Feliciano, Cynthia and Jessica M. Kizer*. 2021. "Reinforcing the Racial Structure: Observed Race and Multiracial Internet Daters’ Racial Preferences." Social Forces 99(4): 1457-86. 

Ashtiani, Mariam* and Cynthia Feliciano. 2018. “Access and Mobilization: How Social Capital Relates to Low-Income Youth’s Postsecondary Educational Attainment,” Youth & Society 50(4): 439-61. 

Feliciano, Cynthia and Yader R. Lanuza*. 2017. “An Immigrant Paradox? Contextual Attainment and Intergenerational Educational Mobility.” American Sociological Review 82(1): 211-41.

Rafalow, Matthew H.*, Cynthia Feliciano, and Belinda Robnett. 2017. “Racialized Femininity and Masculinity in the Preferences of Online Same-Sex Daters.” Social Currents 4(4): 306-21. 


Hedwig (Hedy) Lee

*Porter, Lauren C., Meghan Kozlowski, and Hedwig Lee. “Proliferation or Adaptation? Demographic Differences in the Association between Time Served and Mental Health among Prisoners.” Social Science & Medicine 276: 113815.

*Gaby, Sarah  David Cunningham, Hedwig Lee, Geoff Ward, Ashley N. Jackson. 2021. "Exculpating Injustice: Coroner Constructions of White Innocence in the Postbellum South." Socius.

Angela Bruns* and Hedwig Lee. 2020. "Partner Incarceration and Women’s Substance Use." Journal of Marriage and the Family 82(4): 1178-96.

Leibbrand, Christine, Erin Carll, Angela Bruns*, and Hedwig Lee. 2019. "Barring Progress: The Influence of Paternal Incarceration on Families’ Neighborhood Attainment." Social Science Research 84: 102321

Edwards, Frank R*., Michael Esposito*, and Hedwig Lee. 2018. “Estimating the Risk of Police Involved Death by Race and Place.” American Journal of Public Health 108(9): 1241-8.

Cesare, Nina*, Hedwig Lee, Tyler McCormick, Emma Spiro and Emilio Zagheni. 2018. "The Promises and Pitfalls of Using Digital Traces for Demographic Research." Demography 55(5):1979-99.

Esposito, Michael*, Hedwig Lee, Margret Hicken, Lauren Porter, and Jerald Herting. 2017. “The Consequences of Contact with the Criminal Justice System for Health in the Transition to Adulthood.” Longitudinal and Life Course Studies 8(1): 57-74.

Lee, Hedwig, Athena Pantazis*, Phoebe Chang, Phillipa J. Clark and Joyce M. Lee. 2016. The Association between Adolescent and Young Adult Obesity and Disability Incidence in Adulthood.” Journal of Adolescent Health 59(4): 472-78.

Zakiya Luna

Mobilizing Millions: Engendering Protest Across the Globe. Multiple professorial and student collaborators with affiliations at several academic institutions.  For more information about this ongoing study and its findings, as well as its research personnel, please refer to the project's home site and team member page

Jake Rosenfeld

Sun, Shengwei*, Jake Rosenfeld, and Patrick Denice*.  2021.  "On the Books, Off the Record: Examining the Effectiveness of Pay Secrecy Laws in the U.S."  Institute for Women's Policy Research Policy Brief #C494.  January.

Rosenfeld, Jake, and Patrick Denice*.  2019. "What Do Government Unions Do?  Public Sector Unions and Nonunion Wages, 1977-2015."  Social Science Research 78: 41-56. 

Denice, Patrick*, and Jake Rosenfeld.  2018. "Unions and Nonunion Pay in the U.S., 1977-2015." Sociological Science 5: 541-61.

Rosenfeld, Jake, Patrick Denice*, and Jennifer Laird*.  2016. “Union Decline Lowers Wages of Nonunion Workers.” Economic Policy Institute Report.  

Rosenfeld, Jake, and Patrick Denice.*  2015.  "The Power of Transparency: Evidence from a British Workplace Survey." American Sociological Review 80: 1045-68.

Ariela Schachter

Max Besbris, Ariela Schachter, and John Kuk*. 2021. “The unequal availability of rental housing information across neighborhoods.” Demography 58(4): 1197–1221

John Kuk*, Ariela Schachter, Jacob William Farber, and Max Besbris. 2021. “ The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Rental Market: Evidence from Craigslist.” American Behavioral Scientist. 

Geoff Boeing, Max Besbris, Ariela Schachter, and John Kuk*. “Housing Search in the Age of Big Data: Smarter Cities or Same Old Blind Spots?” Housing Policy Debate 31(1): 112-26.

Geoff Ward

Gaby, Sarah*, David Cunningham, Hedwig Lee, Geoff Ward, and Ashley N. Jackson. 2021. " Exculpating Injustice: Coroner Constructions of White Innocence in the Postbellum South.Socius.

Ward, Geoff, Nick Petersen, Aaron Kupchik, and James Pratt*. 2019. “Historic Lynching and Corporal Punishment in Contemporary Southern Schools.” Social Problems 68(1): 41-62.

Pérez, Raul* and Geoff Ward. 2019. " From Insult to Estrangement and Injury: The Violence of Racist Police Jokes.American Behavioral Scientist

Owens, Peter*, David Cunningham, and Geoff Ward. 2015. “ Threat, Competition, and Mobilizing Structures: Motivational and Organizational Contingencies of the Civil Rights-Era Ku Klux Klan.” Social Problems 62(4): 572-604.      

Petersen, Nick* and Geoff Ward. 2015. “ The Transmission of Historical Racial Violence: Lynching, Civil Rights Era Terror, and Contemporary Interracial Homicide.” Race and Justice: An International Journal 5(2): 114-43.

Ward, Geoff, Aaron Kupchik, Laurin Parker*, and Brian Starks*. 2011. “ Racial Politics of Juvenile Justice Policy Support: Juvenile Court Worker Orientations Towards Disproportionate Minority Confinement.” Race and Justice 1(2): 154-84.

Adia Harvey Wingfield

Canady, Rene*; Wingfield, Adia Harvey; and Maggie Wood*. “Forming Alliances in the Free Market: Intraracial Solidarity in ‘Men’s’ and ‘Women’s Work.’” In progress. (Authors are equal contributors, names listed in alphabetical order.) 

Wingfield, Adia and Koji Chavez*. 2020. ”Getting In, Getting Hired, Getting Sideways Looks: Organizational Hierarchy and Perceptions of Racial Discrimination.” American Sociological Review 85(1): 31-57.

Wingfield, Adia and Taura Taylor*. 2016. “ Race, Gender, and Class in the Entrepreneurial Process: Intersectional Counterframes and Black Business Owners.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 39(9): 1698-1718.

Wingfield, Adia and Ranell Myles*. 2014.  “ Still a Man’s World? Reconsidering Men Who Do ‘Women’s Work.Sociology Compass 8(10): 1206-15.

Wingfield, Adia and Renee Skeete Alston*. 2014. “ Maintaining Hierarchies in Predominantly White Organizations: A Theory of Racial Tasks.” American Behavioral Scientist 58(2): 274-87

Jackson, Brandon* and Adia Harvey Wingfield. 2013. “ Getting Angry to Get Ahead: Black College Men, Emotional Performance, and Encouraging Racial Respectability.” Symbolic Interaction 36(3): 275-92.


*student or post-doctoral fellow co-author