Qualitative Methods


This course is an in-depth examination of qualitative research methods in Sociology. The goals of this course are: (1) to examine the epistemology, politics, practice, and ethics of qualitative methods, (2) to explore the strengths and limitations of these approaches, and (3) to develop the skills to design, collect, analyze, and write using qualitative data. Students will read exemplary canonical and contemporary books and articles that use a variety of qualitative methods. We will evaluate how different researchers approach developing research questions, field site and case study selection, gaining entrée, building rapport and trust, note taking and audio recording, the nuts and bolts of conducting interviews and observation, and reflexivity in the field, among others. Students will gain hands-on experience with interview and field observation techniques, data analysis, and writing. By the end of the class, students will possess the skills necessary to independently design and undertake a rigorous qualitative research project from conception to writeup, and the ability to evaluate qualitative studies conducted by others.
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Qualitative Methods
INSTRUCTOR: Korver-Glenn
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