Political Sociology


In this course we will be discussing politics, the way that people interact with politics, and the way that politics shape our lives. Why do individuals participate in politics (e.g., vote) or become engaged in their communities (e.g., join a voluntary association, protest, etc.)? What role do our social connections play in political and civic engagement? What does political competition in the US look like today? What accounts for increasing political partisanship in the United States? Who has access to political institutions? How amenable is our political system to change? Who has the power to impact policy and institutions? How do shifts in political participation, civic engagement, and partisanship all shape policymaking? How does policy shape participation? In this class we will engage with these questions through course discussion, group work, class data collection and analysis, and more.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; BU BA

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Political Sociology
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