Henry Roediger

Henry Roediger

Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences​
James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
PhD, Yale University
BA, Washington & Lee University
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    • Washington University
      CB 1125
      One Brookings Drive
      St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    Professor Roediger's research interests center on learning and memory. His current programs of research include: 1. applying principles of cognitive psychology to improve educational practice; 2. how retrieval practice improves retention; 3. the study of memory illusions and false memories (or why people sometimes remember events differently from the way they happened or even remember events that never happened at all); 4. Mnemonic techniques and people with exceptional memory abilities; and 5. collective memory or how people remember events for the groups with which they identify (e.g., Americans remembering 9/11).

    Selected Publications

    Putnam, A.L., Ross, M., Soter, L. & Roediger, H.L. (2018). Collective narcissism: Americans exaggerate the role of their home state in appraising U.S. history. Psychological Science, 29(9), 1414-1422.

    Putnam, A.L., Sungkhasettee, V. & Roediger, H.L. (2017). When misinformation improves memory: The effects of recollecting change. Psychological Science, 28(1), 36-46.

    Roediger, H.L. & McDermott, K.B. (2018). Remembering what we learn. The Dana Foundation: Cerebrumhttp://www.dana.org/Cerebrum/2018/Remembering_What_We_Learn/

    Tekin, E. & Roediger, H.L. (2017). The range of confidence scales does not affect the relation between confidence and accuracy in recognition memory. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications,  2:49 DOI 10.1186/s41235-017-0086-z 

    Uner, O. & Roediger, H.L. (2018). Are encoding/retrieval interactions in recall driven by remembering, knowing, or both? Journal of Memory and Language, 103, 44-57.