Dr. Caitlyn Collins' Interview

Dr. Caitlyn Collins discusses the stress put on new mothers and how countries can help reduce it.

WashU Sociology Professors in the Media!

Two WashU Sociology Professors, Dr. Hedwig Lee and Dr. Caitlyn Collins, were featured in recent media releases!

Dr. Caitlyn Collins' work centers on gender and inequality within familial settings. Her feature on BBC Reels looks at the impact of stress on mothers and how social policy within the U.S. does not provide them a sense of relief during the trying times of pregnancy and new motherhood. To watch her interview, click the following link: BBC Interview with Dr. Collins

Dr. Hedwig Lee's research generally focuses on health disparities and social determinants, emphasizing the impact of race/ethnicity, poverty, and the family.  Featured in a new podcast episode on Stl Public Radio, she discusses the ways the imprisonment of family members exacerbates inequalities within families. To listen to her interview, click on the following link: STL Public Radio Interview with Dr. Lee